My mother was very depressed after my father’s passing, she seemed to give up and lost interest in life.  After being at Cedar Crest she is back to her former self – happy and active. We are so glad she has found a renewed hope and happiness in her life.

Daughter of a Senior Patient


I am proud to serve my Country and I love being in the military.  But, I had some difficulty returning to my life back home, and my family suffered from my isolating and moody behavior.  Cedar Crest helped me learn how to identify my symptoms early on and how to communicate my feelings and needs to my family in a constructive way.  I am back at home and work now,... Read More

Patient for the Military


I felt like nobody understood my problems and thought there was no help for me. But after being at Cedar Crest, I’ve learned the skills I need to have a happy, fulfilling life. I have my job back and I’m able to feel the love and support of family and friends. Thank you, Cedar Crest for giving me my life back!

Former Adult Patient


Cedar Crest’s day treatment program was just what our daughter and family needed. She could come to treatment during the day and be back home with us in the evening. We saw her progress every day and we were amazed to see her outlook on life grow to one of limitless possibilities and confidence. The progress has been astounding!

Mother of Partial Hospitalization Patient


My teenage son was having a lot of trouble making good choices and taking responsibility for his actions. Now he is successful in school and has a positive network of friends. Thank you to Cedar Crest for starting him on a life-long journey of sobriety, happiness, and success.

Parent of an RTC Adolescent Patient


Thank you to the Cedar Crest staff for helping my daughter see what a beautiful person she is. She’s so much happier and self-confident now.

Parent of a ChildPatient