Cedar Crest Staff

Claudette Morgan-Scott, Ph.D.

Community Liaison

Claudette Morgan-Scott has been in the management field for over 25 years with a specialization in education, business leadership development and business as a Social Worker, High School Superintendent and Senior Pastor. Through her wealth of business acumen and global perspective, Claudette brings a unique opportunity to her clientele by empowering their company vision through the lens of service to a worldwide marketplace.

Leveraging her experience as an Adjunct Professor at Texas A&M, a Global Speaker, and Business Leader, Claudette has been instrumental in developing humanitarian programs, promoting social justice, and training leaders around the world. She has assisted in the development of Humanitarian programs in Russia, Denmark, Finland, India, and Ghana. She has joined teams at the United Nations and attended mission trips all over the world. Claudette is concerned about ensuring that the scales of justice are fair for all people groups and nations. Her non-profit organization, Shiloh Resource Center CDC, is dedicated to empowering the lives of others. The organization has a local, national, and international footprint.

Claudette will empower you to emerge with a clear vision, plan of action, and the disciplines and leadership skills to expand you reaching and meeting the needs of others.

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