Cedar Crest Staff

Daniel Baisman

Food & Nutrition Department Manager

Daniel Baisman is a unique Chef to say the least. He mastered his craft by learning under one of the best teachers of traditional cooking, rooting back to Incan culture: his grandmother. She sparked a passion for culinary creativity that led him to work in California’s most prestigious wineries, private country clubs, open and manage his own restaurants, and most recently graduated with honors from the Escoffier Culinary School.

If that wasn’t enough, he also lived his own culinary version of “Good Morning Vietnam” in 2008 as a contractor for the Department of Defense and the US Armed Forces all over the Middle East. He is the only chef from California who brings over 35 Letters of Commendation from US Armed Forces and Coalition Forces today.

With many more experiences between his grandmother’s kitchen and the sandy plains of Afghanistan, he currently is mastered in the Nuevo Latino Cuisine, Peruvian, Mediterranean, and Arabic cuisines. He is also doing extensive research and developing new dishes utilizing Peruvian Superfoods like Quinoa, Maca, Tocosh, Sangre de Grado and other superfoods from around the world, bringing all those elements to a modern cuisine for all to enjoy as part of his own holistic and healing cuisine.

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