Cedar Crest Staff

Sharice Milton, RMA, BS, CCHW

Outpatient Clinic Manager

Sharice Milton is a native Texan, who resided in South Carolina for eighteen years and has over eighteen years of experience in the clinical field. She served as a licensed Registered Medical Assistant and Patient Service Representative in the specialty field of Cardiology for seven years, where her awareness of chronic disease prevention became relevant on a daily basis. Her experience includes a stent in Behavioral Health as an office manager for a clinic. Sharice completed her Bachelors of Science in Administration and Bible, at Columbia International University. Her hopes of serving those perplexed about health issues and living with health disparities in her surrounding community allowed her to return to the medical field. Laboring to educate and reinforce individuals with knowledge of the present health care system, Sharice willingly took on the task of assisting the University of South Carolina Department of Preventative Medicine as one of the pioneers for the Community Health Worker initiative in South Carolina in 2013. Contributing to the efforts of the Triple Aim Initiative and medical home networking, she diligently worked to promote health awareness and accountability by providing a link between healthcare providers and the community. Her vast knowledge and experience in the field led her to the Chronic Disease Prevention Winter Symposium where she educated providers on the importance of capacity building and the role of the Community Health Worker.  Her motto is:   “If you know better, you can choose to do better.”

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