Adult & Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program in Belton, TX

At Cedar Crest Hospital & Residential Treatment Center, located in Belton, Texas, our day treatment program is a short-term program for adolescents and adults who are able to live safely in a supportive home environment during the evenings and on weekends. Day treatment is often a step-down program for adolescents and adults who are moving from an inpatient hospitalization program or stepping up from traditional outpatient therapy, ensuring that we work to meet continuing care treatment goals. The day treatment program teaches coping and living skills to our clients. We also address personal responsibility and positive interactions within the school, family, and community. The day treatment program meets Monday through Friday.

Adolescents and adults in our day treatment program will experience a multidisciplinary treatment approach that combines a variety of therapies that will meet individual treatment goals in a secure therapeutic environment. We promote and provide many opportunities for our clients to feel success within this treatment program and have a chance to experience self-exploration.

All students must enroll in our school to attend our day treatment program. Admission to Cedar Crest’s day treatment program will then begin with a complete evaluation by a licensed clinician. This clinician will complete the comprehensive assessment by meeting with the adult, or adolescent, and the adolescent’s parents or guardians. After this occurs, we’ll be able to create a personalized treatment approach that meets all of the needs of our patient’s needs – mind, body, and spirit. Treatment within this program is always medically supervised by a psychiatrist who works to direct overall goals for treatment. We use a variety of treatment types within this program to help address all the needs of our day treatment clients. These treatments may include:

  • Weekly meetings with the treatment team
  • Four hours of education services
  • Group therapy, including social skills, issues, and relational groups
  • Family therapy
  • Therapeutic activities
  • Recreational therapy
  • Medication management and monitoring

Our therapeutic day treatment program helps adolescents and adults learn the important life skills and coping strategies needed to be successful in school, at home, and in their community.

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