Cedar Crest Staff

Meet the caring and compassionate staff of Cedar Crest.

Executive Team

Medical Staff

  • Taghi Shafie, M.D. - Outpatient Clinic
  • Dr. Nini Swe - Adult Acute
  • Dr. Charles Ragan - RTC Medical Director
  • Dr. Shrestha, M.D. - Child/adol. Acute (unit 4)
  • Jesus Rosas-Moreno - Physician Assistant
  • Karla Hinze, MD - Supervisor to Medical Nurse Practitioners
  • Marijeta Medverec - Physician Assistant

Clinical Staff

Administrative Staff

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Thanks to Cedar Crest, my son was able to get the lasting recovery he deserved from his addiction and his co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

– Parent of Cedar Crest Patient