Cedar Crest Staff

Meet the caring and compassionate staff of Cedar Crest.

Executive Team

  • Caanan Blakemore, DNP - Chief Executive Officer
  • Monica Gauna, PhD, MA, LPC - Chief Operating Officer
  • Keva Rocha, MSN, RN - Chief Nursing Officer
  • Melissa West - Chief Financial Officer
  • Amanda Wireman, MS - Director of Quality and Performance Improvement
  • Wesley Stobaugh, LCSW - Director of Clinical Services
  • Jami Stobaugh, MA, LPC - Director of Outpatient Services
  • Holly Provance Doggett - Director of Business Development
  • Shellie Hassell, LPC - Director of Admissions
  • Joanna Mohanadas - Interim Director of Human Resources
  • Amy Spruell, RN, MSN, MHA - Director of Utilization Review
  • Melissa Wheeler - Director, Business Office
  • Ray Jones - Director of Facility Operations

Medical Staff

  • Dr. Sejal Mehta, M.D., MBA - Psychiatrist (RTC)
  • Dr. John E. Pierson, IV, D.O. - Psychiatrist (Adult)
  • Dr. Shree Shrestha, M.D. - Medical Director, Psychiatrist (Child & Adolescent)
  • Dr. Taghi Shafie, M.D. - Outpatient Clinic

Clinical Staff

  • Amanda Wotton, MS, LPC - RTC Program Manager

Administrative Staff

  • Gina Adams - Executive Assistant
  • Brandie Kropp - Transportation Manager
  • Jaylyn Schumpert, MBA - Assistant Director Business Development
  • Layce Cantwell - Business Development and RTC Liaison
  • Claudette Morgan-Scott, Ph.D. - Business Development Liaison
  • Emily Bartek - Risk Manager
  • Daniel Baisman - Food and Nutrition Services Manager
  • Jesse Thibodeaux - Staffing Coordinator/Patient Advocate
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Thanks to Cedar Crest, my son was able to get the lasting recovery he deserved from his addiction and his co-occurring mental health disorder. I am super grateful!

– Parent of Cedar Crest Patient
Marks of Quality Care
  • Texas Hospital Association
  • The Jason Foundation
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval